Rinnai SENSEI RU160 Tankless Water Heaters


Homeowner Conveniences

  • Faster hot water with recirculation for less waiting and less waste
  • Start recirculation and more with smartphone or Amazon Alexa™
  • Energy efficiency and significant savings on home energy bills
  • More usable space thanks to suitcase-sized, wall-mounted units

Most Flexible Venting in the Industry

  • 14 possible vent configurations
  • Up to 65′ vent runs with 2″ PVC options
  • 9 compatible vent manufacturers*
  • Only a single wall penetration required
  • Simple positive-fit components for secure connection
  • Joint seals expand/contract with weather to prevent damage
  • Assembly and adjustment are easy
  • *Includes PVC

Easy Installation and Serviceability

  • Adjustable mounting plate with lip for easy hanging almost anywhere
  • Quick and easy gas conversion in just 3 steps with inexpensive kit
  • Rotating isolation valves to accommodate more applications
  • Easy parameter adjustments with simple, accessible control panel
  • Simple Wi-Fi remote monitoring with detailed system information
  • Convenient access to all key components for fast, easy service


Rinnai SENSEI RU160 Tankless Water Heaters

Only super-high-efficiency Rinnai® SENSEI™ Tankless water heaters combine the most convenient, innovative tankless water heater technology with the unsurpassed quality and reliability of Rinnai. All SENSEI™ models feature recirculation for faster hot water and Wi-Fi compatibility, so they can be controlled and monitored remotely from a smart device.

Innovative Rinnai SENSEI™ tankless water heaters offer clear advantages for homeowners and trade professionals. And all key components are manufactured by Rinnai, so you’re working with the ultimate quality.


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